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Chicken Soup for the Soul, Literally

If you love to cook and you’re the person everyone comes to for cooking advice, you may want to host a cooking class in your home for your family, friends, or coworkers. While it’s true that “Come and get it!” meals bring people to the table and provide long-lasting memories, cooking together is another way to share your love and bond with people who matter in your life. And cooking together encourages putting down smartphones and actually talking! It IS chicken soup for the soul.

What to Cook? Here are three cooking class starting points.

1)   Invite your closest girlfriends over for a cooking class that features your grandmother’s famous homemade chicken and noodle soup. Women love to share family stories, and what better way to share (and make) memories than while cooking. Don’t forget the wine!

2)   Plan a pizza party cook-off for your kiddo and their BFFs. Of course, this is the kind of pizza party cook-off where everyone wins. Have you seen the Angry Bird pizza? And what about personalized pizzas? Help kids make their own personalized mini pizzas with buffet-style ingredients. There are so many fun pizza possibilities, and kids love to help in the kitchen. As always, adult supervision required.

3)   Do you make ethnic dishes that rival those of authentic restaurants? If so, you will have no problem finding people who would love to have you show them the cooking ropes. Authentic ethnic dishes are loved for their complex flavors, and everyone dreams about being able to cook authentic Indian, Italian, Mexican food at home.

At-home cooking classes are a great way to inspire everyone to appreciate the joy of cooking.